Medical translations

Very often a need arises to translate medical documents. It could be something as simple as doctor’s notes or a more complex document such as a medical professional’s observations. It is not also a secret that medical translations are one of the most complex ones due to the terminology used.

At TranslateNow we fully understand importance and complexity of such work. That’s why we employ professional translators and proofreaders who specialize in medical areas.

Our certified translators work with medical documents of any sort including prescriptions, clinical tests results, sickness history. Our rigorous quality assurance procedures and strictest adherence to the translation policies leave no chance to mistakes and assures that the documents would be prepared carefully and mistakes-free.

Whether you are looking to translate your medical documents to show them to your doctor, insurance company or to file a claim with one of the Provincial bodies, our team will be able to help. We would also assist you preparing diplomas and certificates for assessment by Medical Councils and Dental Boards as well as medical Colleges and Universities in Canada and USA.

All you have to do is request your free no obligations quote and our team would professionally help you.