Translation for Canadian Passport application

If you are applying for Canadian Passport, you may need to have your or your child’s birth certificate to be translated into English or French. This translation has to be done by a professional certified linguist in Canada who is accredited by one of the professional organizations or Government Departments in the country.

Very often we hear stories of applications for Canadian Passport which were not accepted simply because the translation has not been done with accordance to the Passport Canada requirements. Many translation agencies use notary certification of translation which is not suitable for this task.

Birth certificate translation for Canadian Passport has also to be prepared accurately and mistakes-free to make sure that there are no issues with names spelling in the future. This is why our project management team always verifies dates and spelling of all names prior to the certification.

At TranslateNow we always work with accredited linguists whose high professionalism is confirmed by membership in translation organizations such as ATIO, ATA, CTIBC, OTTIAQ and by Government departments. This way we ensure that our translations would be universally accepted by any organization all over Canada.

If you are looking to have your birth or marriage certificate translated for Canadian Passport application, certified team of TranslateNow is here to help. Simply send us your documents using the quote form and we will gladly help you!