Vital certificates translation

TranslateNow agency has vast experience with translation of personal documents. Our team of certified professionals understands how important and how urgent a need for vital certificates translation might be. Clients often come to us for translation of documents for visas to Canada and USA, for immigration-related documents to be translated, translation for Citizenship and Passport Canada and many others.

If a personal document translation is to be used for any official purpose in Canada or abroad, it will have to be certified. There are different types of certification employed in USA, Canada and other countries. If you are not sure how to do it right, you may consult our experienced team and we would gladly consult you.

At TranslateNow we hold all types of certifications which might be required by any of the jurisdictions in Canada: our translators are members of professional organizations, such as ATIO, ATA, OTTIAQ, CTIBC and are also accredited by Government departments.

Accuracy and attention to details are of the utmost importance when it comes to translation of personal documents which would be presented to government bodies and institutions of Canada.

At TranslateNow we are proud of our quality assurance system, our highest standards of work and our strictest adherence to the certification guidelines.

Personal documents translated by TranslateNow Specialized Services include:

  • Drivers license and drivers records
  • Marriage, birth certificates
  • Divorce, death certificates
  • Passports, passport stamps translation
  • Degree certificates, diplomas, transcripts
  • Criminal record check, police clearance certificates
  • And many others

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